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WaKeeney McDonald’s shows off new digs and special events

mcdonaldsWAKEENEY – The new McDonald’s of WaKeeney and 24/7 Travel Plaza, located at 745 S. First Street, has a fresh and modern look that was unveiled this week during a Trego County Economic Coalition ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Louella Kaiser, WaKeeney Public Library Director, and other library representatives were honored guests at the event as Rick and Gail Kuehl — owners of McDonald’s of WaKeeney, Hays, Colby and Russell — and Jamie and Kelsey Kuehl, operations director and human resource director, McDonald’s of WaKeeney, Hays, Colby, and Russell, recommitted to the community through the new restaurant and a $5,000 investment in the library.

“We are excited about this new opportunity for McDonald’s and the WaKeeney community. We are looking forward to this partnership and providing our customers with a quality experience,” said Gail Kuehl. “We are excited about the changes and hope that people in the community enjoy it too.”

“It will be a great place to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, surf the Internet or meet up with friends or family,” added Rick Kuehl.

“The style we have chosen for the restaurant is specifically designed to connect our guests with the local community.  It tells a local story through impactful imagery and stylized photography. Familiar scenes are incorporated directly into the decor that helps relate to the history and energy of the surrounding communities,” stated Kelsey Kuehl.

The interior design features a wide variety of booths, tables, and chairs that allow customers to choose their own dining experience, whether they are in a hurry or want to create a special moment with friends or family.

The interior also features an updated front counter with Dual Point Service and a full McCafe specialty menu.  Dual Point Service creates two separate points of service, an order point and a pick up point, to make the ordering process easier and faster. Also, customers will be able to enjoy a full menu of McCafé specialty beverages, including hot drinks such as mochas, lattes, and hot chocolates, as well as cold drinks such as iced mochas, iced coffees, frappes and real fruit smoothies.

“We are changing with the times – and never stop looking for ways to improve,” said Jamie Kuehl, director of operations. “Our new McDonald’s speaks to the needs of our customers and our community. We want our customers to enjoy every part of the McDonald’s experience.”

If customers are in a hurry and cannot stop inside for their favorite McDonald’s meal, the restaurant’s drive-through has a two-lane ordering system. This will make placing and picking up orders faster and easier than ever as will expanded parking and improved handicapped accessibility.

The McDonald’s of WaKeeney general manager and first assistant manager have been a part of the McDonald’s of WaKeeney team since its opening Oct. 26, 1995, and have a combined McDonald’s tenure of 43 years. Diana Schonthaler, general manager, began with the Kuehl organization as a crew member at McDonald’s of North Hays in 1991, and rose through the ranks to her present position in 1995. Schonthaler has been named a regional outstanding store manager four times. Kellin Fagan, first assistant manager, joined the North Hays team in 1994 and attained his current position in 1995. One other team member, Peggy Lang, shift manager, has been with the McDonald’s of WaKeeney team, since the restaurant opened in its former location in 1995.

During the month of October, customer receipts collected from McDonald’s of WaKeeney, Hays, Colby and Russell will be worth triple points in conjunction with the McDonald’s Neighbors Program. Collect receipts and drop them off at your local school to help the school receive a wide variety of high-quality educational resources for free.

— From “The Hays Post”



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